The Rosie: Handcrafted Pet Leash

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Pink with Gold Stitching 150 cm Leash | Small Dogs Harness

We're a boutique pet couture designer of pet accessories and our mission is "Petit Pawfection". Our desire to step up the bar of sophistication and elegance is reflected in our company culture and designs. We sell luxury leashes and other pet accessories tailored for your furry friends. Our newest, most luxurious Leash is handcrafted with Pink super-fine fiber leather and Gold stitching, hand-made bindings, and a nickel-plated brass carabiner.



🐕 Made of Pink leather with Gold Stitching
🐕 Dimensions: 150 cm Length, 2 cm Width including buckle clip - one size fits all
 Super Fine Fiber - Waxed Cotton Tan String Stitching, Brass Buckle, Raw-cut edges
🐕 Handmade antique gold profiles and bindings
🐕 Enriched with shiny nickel-plated brass carabiner
🐕 Soft satin cloth covering to protect the Leash when not in use

100% Satisfaction Guarantee in accordance with Scotch & Co Company Policies.

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