4 Reasons Your Pooch Will Love Being Carried in a Puppy Purse

4 Reasons Your Pooch Will Love Being Carried in a Puppy Purse

Most small dogs love being carried in a puppy purse: they get to rest while seeing the world around them. Here's why your dog will love a pet carrier bag.

Did you know that in the United States almost 39% of households have dogs? About 25% of households have cats. Dogs and cats make excellent companions and some pets are small enough to accompany you almost everywhere you go.

Are you looking for a great way to carry your tiny furry friend? How about a puppy purse?

A unique small dog carrier bag is the perfect way for toting your little one. Your pet can rest while seeing the world and feeling safe by your side.

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1. No Leash-Aggression Worries When Fido's in a Pet Bag

A leash isn't always the best option for your pup since some dogs have leash aggression or leash anxiety. Even with the correct approach, it's not always possible to stop these behaviors. Instead, why not carry your dog to a safe exercise environment?

Once you get there, let your dog out of the dog carrier purse and you're good to go!

2. Keeps Your Dog Safe From Big Dogs

One of the best puppy purse features is safety. It keeps your little dog safe from big dogs.

If you're out with your dog on the leash and you see a big dog coming, simply scoop up your sweet little purse dog and in he goes. No worries about your tiny dog becoming the giant dog's next meal!

3. You Can Walk Farther

A small dog can't always walk long distances but you can. With a dog  carrying bag, you can walk as far as you want. When you sense your dog is too tired to continue, put her in the dog purse.

You get the long walk you need while your dog gets the right amount of walking, and you both get each other's company the whole way.

4. Hands-Free Walking

It's hard juggling your keys, phone, and leash. Sometimes you need to be hands-free if only for a little while. Put Fido in the dog carrying bag until you've got it all under control.

5. A Puppy Purse Is Perfect for Traveling

A puppy purse doubles as a dog travel bag. It makes traveling with your tiny pup so much easier. You're hands-free without worries of someone stepping on your furry friend as you scramble through the airport.

A pet carrier bag is also more sanitary for bathroom pit stops when you're out traveling. You don't want your dog's paws on the ground in a public restroom.

Worry-Free Walking and Traveling With Your Puppy Carrier Bag

A puppy purse makes life with your small dog easier and more fun. A small dog fits great in a puppy travel bag and gives you peace of mind in many situations that might otherwise be stressful for both you and your pet companion.

Walking, traveling, and hiking with your dog just got a whole lot easier!

What are waiting for? Get your puppy purse today!