The 5 Most Useful Occasions to Have a Dog Carrying Bag

The 5 Most Useful Occasions to Have a Dog Carrying Bag

The 5 Most Useful Occasions to Have a Dog Carrying Bag

From vet visits to running weekend errands, there are many times that having a pet carrier can come in handy. Click here to find out more!
At least 50% of American households have a small dog and that number is rapidly growing. These little ones come into our lives and capture our hearts. Its become especially hard leaving our little canine companions at home. With more and more pup friendly restaurants and shopping complexes popping up around us daily they can come along with us almost anywhere.
A well designed pet carrier for small dogs is a must if you plan on exploring the world with your fluffy best friend. It is important that your pet is comfortable and safe in the pet carrying bag you chose. Keep reading for more information about the five most useful occasions to have a pet bag.

1. Visits to the Vet

It is important to ensure that your pet feels safe and secure when visiting the vet. Dogs are smart and have a sixth sense, they become nervous during these times. By using a pet carrier regularly they quickly associate it with outings and being with you which adds a level of comfort for them.

2. Urban Life 

Small dogs means that they are a great fit for urban life because of the smaller spaces city life offers. A durable, comfortable pet carrier is a great addition for people who are always on the go and would love to take their little one with them. Having a pet carrier that makes hopping on a train or bus easy and stress free is very useful for city life.

3. Restaurants

 A great advantage of having a small dog is that they make the best coffee and brunch dates. Pet carrier bags are not only great for transit but can be placed at the foot of the table as a comfortable space for your pet to enjoy while you have a mimosa.

4. Traveling

Small dogs have an advantage because you can carry them aboard on most major airlines. A dog travel bag works great in the airport but check with the airline for specifics for onboard the plane. Most small dogs feel safer being in a pet carrier near to you when walking through the airport or train station. You'll feel better too since you won't have to worry about someone stepping on your tiny friend.

5. Shopping

Now you'll never have to leave your shopping trip early to get home to your dog! Most department stores and shopping malls allow dogs providing they are well behaved. A pet carrier with shoulder straps is a great way to take the along and to free those hands for all your shopping bags. 
The Perfect Dog Carrying Bag
There is so much adventure out there to experience with your cuddly best friend, don’t leave them behind. Are you ready to find the perfect luxury pet carrier for you and your dog? Take a look here!