How to Choose the Best Dog Purse

How to Choose the Best Dog Purse

How to Choose the Best Dog Purse

Comfort, material, and style are all important considerations when choosing a dog purse. Find out what you need to look out for when choosing a carrier here.

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Do you want to take your pooch out and about in style? Then you should consider a dog purse.

They allow you to keep your pup safe, warm, and close to you whilst you go about your everyday business. They are best suited for small dogs under 10lbs, and there are some things you should consider before making a purchase.

Please read our short guide on how to find the best dog purse for you and your pup.

Choose the Right Style

Finding the right style for you and your furbaby is important because you need the purse to be comfortable for you both. The purse needs to be long enough so that your dog can fit comfortably inside sitting and standing, and if they are tuckered out, possibly lying down as well.

A rigid bottom on your purse will make your pooch feel much more secure when you are toting them about town. Most dog purses tend to come in a messenger style to give your pet enough room to move about and turn around if needed.

Tote and purse style bags are also an option, but they tend to have soft bottoms, so you would need to consider the size and weight of your pup. Anything over 3lbs may prove a little uncomfortable for you both.

Consider Handle Length

Handle length is also an important consideration. Too short and you will have to carry the bag in your hand which may prove an arm-ache after a long trip. Too long, and you could suffer from a backache or find that your pooch is bouncing against your hip with every step.

A handle length that allows you to place the purse on your shoulder and keep your pet tucked safely under your arm is the best. Luckily, there are lots of cut dog purses that are designed for just this style. Make sure that single strap purses have a padded shoulder handle for extra comfort for you!

Stylish and Strong

When thinking about materials, obviously, you want a stylish dog purse that matches your outfit or personal look. But it is also important to think about the features of the material.

A washable inner material, or footpad, is a must as it will get a little dirty inside once your pooch has jumped in and out a few times. The outer materials need to be breathable as well.

The best dog carrier purses are available in a range of beautiful colors and materials. Shop around, and you should be able to find something perfect for both your style and your pooches comfort.

Extra Features

Lastly, consider what extra features will make your lives a little bit easier when walking about town.

Extra pockets are a must, ideally on the outside of the purse. You will need somewhere to store your possessions, so you don't have to dig around under your pup when your phone rings!

Be sure to check the zipper security too. Some purses only offer velcro closures which your pup could break out of easily with enough force.

Find Your Perfect Dog Purse

There's no reason why you can't look stylish with a dog purse whilst keeping your furbaby safe and sound. But don't forget to keep your comfort in mind too so you can both enjoy your day out in town.

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