How to Keep Your Pet Carrier Bag Clean

How to Keep Your Pet Carrier Bag Clean

How to Keep Your Pet Carrier Bag Clean

It's crucial to keep your pet carrier bag clean for your animal's health and safety. Learn our top pet purse cleaning tips here.

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After a week of going out with your cat or dog, your pet carrier bag is going to get dirty. That’s just an undeniable fact of life.

Even supposing that you trained your pet to not do their business while inside the carrier, dirt, hair, and all kinds of filth will still build up over time. It’s also normal for your pet to have an accident every once in a while. Now you’re dealing with poop or pee inside the carrier bag.

Apart from the unpleasant odor, your furry friend can get sick if they spend some time inside a dirty container. Also, you don’t want to develop a reputation as the person with the smelly cat or dog purse.

Knowing how to clean carrier bags for dogs and other pets is a must for all pet parents. Here are the easy steps to clean your carrier for pets.

1. Remove Anything Inside the Pet Carrier Bag

Remove the bedding, feeding dishes, toys, and all the other detachable stuff. Everything must come out. Wipe and clean all the items separately.

For the bedding, you can just throw it in the washing machine. Be sure to check and clean the machine’s filters after you’re done with the cleaning. The hairs from the bedding can damage your washer the next time you use it.

2. Clear Out Organic Material

You might find it easier to use a vacuum cleaner to remove food crumbs, hair, and other small organic debris like feces. For stuff that’s sticking on the inside walls, you can scrape them off with a brush.

3. Scrub It Clean With Soap and Water

If you own a fabric carrier, then you’re in luck. This step may have gotten a whole lot easier because the bag is likely machine washable. After you remove any rigid component, you can throw it in the washer, but remember to follow the instructions for washing.

If your carrier isn’t launderable via a washing machine, you have to do it the old-fashioned way. Scrub the exterior and interior of the bag with a brush and warm, soapy water. After that, rinse away the soap suds with water.

4. Disinfect the Carrier

You can use a commercial disinfectant or a DIY cleaning solution, but make sure that it’s pet safe! There are lots of common cleaners that are toxic to pets, so be careful.

Some of the cleaning solutions that are relatively harmless to pets include baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice. Never use ammonia. Because the smell is similar to urine, your dog or cat might soil the carrier to mask the odor with its own.

5. Dry the Carrier and Replace the Bedding

Before replacing the bedding and other items back inside the carrier, make sure to dry it thoroughly first. Sleeping on wet bedding can be bad for your pet’s skin.

You can wipe it down with a towel first, then let it air dry. Once you have a moisture-free carrier, your pet is ready to enjoy it.

A Clean Carrier Is a Happy Carrier

The best pet carrier bag is the one that’s clean. Follow the steps in this article so you can provide a safe haven when traveling with your pet. Your furry companion will thank you for it.

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